Feb 23 2015

Measurement conversion table

by admin

1 l = 4,2 cups
1dl = 6 tablespoons
1 msk = 0,5 fl oz
1 tsk = 0,17 fl oz
1 g = 0,035 oz
1 kg = 2,2 lb
1 cm = 0,4 in
200°C = 392 F

Jan 14 2011

Boil time for egg

by Zylr

How long should you boil your egg – to make it perfect?
This time-sched is for when you put the eggs in in cold water, and heat it untill it boils.
( time starts from when it starts to boil )

2 min to make it realy lose.
4-5 min to make it with a hard white and a soft yellow.
7-8 min to make it hard.

Jan 10 2011


by Zylr

1 box of Lasagna pasta.
Your cheese choose.

100 g butter
1½ dl flour
½tsk muskut
1 liter milk
salt och whitepeppar

500g minced meat
2 yellow uninons
2 carrots
2 garlic clove’s
3dl of broth/bouillon (1 dice of meat bouillon)
1msk Tomato pure
1can of Crushed tomatos


Heat up the milk in one pan, melt the butter and mix the melted butter with the flour and muskut.
Add the butter and flour cream slowly, under intense starring.
Add some salt and white peppar, let it boil atleast 5 min on low heat.


Mince the union in small peaces, and dice or tear the carrots.
Heatup the union and carrots, untill its soft, add the minced meat.
When the mince start to look good, add pure, garlic, bouillon and crushed tomatos.
Let it simmer for awhile, dont let it get to dry…

Put the oven on 225c.

Take a baking dish, and add everything in layers.
Meat – Pasta – Bechamel – Pasta -and so on… Finnish with bechamel and a layer of your cheese choose.

Jan 7 2011


by Zylr

Currysaus served to Chicked and rice.

25g butter
3 tsp Curry
2 msk Flour
3 dl cream
1 dice of chicken broth.
2 dl milk

Heat the butter and mix the curry and flour.
Add the cream/broth/milk.

Stir it untill it boils and let it simmer for a couple of minutes.
Add some salt and peppar.

Jan 6 2011


by Zylr

4dl flour
1tsp salt
4 eggs
8 dl of milk.
2 small packs of bacon.

Put the oven on 225c

Mix 4dl flour with 1 tsp of salt.
Pour slowly down 4dl’s of milk in to the flour and mix it to a even paste.
Crack the 4 eggs and mix in the rest of the milk.
Let the panncake cream/paste swell for awhile.

Fry the bacon in a pann with butter.

Put the nice bacon in a pan and pour the panncake cream over it.

Let the panncake stand in the oven for 20 min.

Serv with lingonberry jam!

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