Apr 12 2011

Cooking for your dog!

by KarmaComa

I’m a big fan of dogs! As they say, they are mans’ best friend. I’m not arguing with that. Once in a while you may want to treat you dog/s to something special. Like a good, home cooked meal.  My dogs are crazy about a porridge I treat them to once in a while. So for all you doglovers out there, I’m sharing the recipe!



(All measurements are converted from deciliters to cups. So they are approximately!)

0.45 cups of avorio rice

0.45 cups of grained buckwheat

0.45 cups of millet

3.8 cups of cold water


Mix all ingredients together in a big sauce pan and let it boil on medium heat until the mixture turns into porridge. This is pretty much all that’s to it. It’s very easy to make and doesn’t take very long time nor demands any kind of kitchenskills, other than boiling stuff. How ever, you would probably want to add some more proteins to it, especially if you own any type of working-breed dog. I usually add raw eggs and/or some oil. Meat is also quite popular around here (duh!). If you want to add meat, I would say it’s better to add choped up raw peices rather than preparing it. This is extra important if you chose a piece of meat that contains bones (which I don’t really reccomend you to do). IF you boil meat containing bones, there is a risk that the bones will crack. When your dog/s feast on it, pieces of the bones might get stuck in teeth or stuck in throat which can, in worst case scenario, be lethal. You can vary this dish pretty much anyway you and your dog/s like! My dogs are pretty found of carrots, so I sometimes add a hand full of slightly steamd, choped up carrots for them to chew on. Im not a crazy person, but I care A LOT about my dogs. So usually I like to taste stuff first, before giving it to my dogs. But I suggest you do not taste this. Ever. If you decide to taste it anyway, don’t say I didn’t warn you. But I’m very confident your dog/s will love it. Use you imagination and put together what ever you know your dog’s into. Don’t forget to let the porridge cool off before you serv it, or your dog/s will walk like ”the cat around hot porridge”!


Good luck, have fun !