Apr 9 2011

Awesome Asians..

by KarmaComa

Hi! First off I’d like to intruduce myself. But I feel there is really no proper way. And I want it proper.

I like movies. Especially high quality movies that are oceans away from USA massproduced mainstream crap.   Nothing wrong with american movies tho, but they just don’t appeal to me that much.

I am currently hooked on Asian movies. Especially South Korean and Japanese ones. They are usually very well composed, and thought through. Therefore I have decided to once in a while scribble down a review when I find something interesting.  This time, my first review/reccomendation will be dedicated to a theme. I’ve picked one all time fave, and a fairly new one that caught my attention. The theme of today will be revenge. Enjoy!



Oldboy (S.Korea runtime 120min. 2003)

When the movie starts, Dae-su Oh is imprisoned. Locked in a small room. He has been there for about fifteen years, but he has no idea why he’s been put there in the first place, or by whom. All he really knows is that he is punished for a crime. But he has yet no idea what crime he could have possibly commit to put him in the spot where he is now.

Eventually, he is released. But the sudden freedom doesn’t come for free. He is informed that he only has a few days on his plate to find out why and by whom he was captured and imprisoned for all this time. This is where the movie really begins. It takes some serious twists and turns, playing mindgames with both Dae-su Oh and the viewers.  You never really know what to expect or believe, which makes the movie interesting at all times and it will never fail to keep you on your toes. This is a very well played -and violent- movie. It stays on your mind for a little longer than you first expected it to. Actually, it stays for quite a while.



Confessions (Japan runtime 106min. 2010)

Teacher Yuko Moriguchi announces to her class that this will be her last day as their teacher. The kids break out in celebration, but chokes on it, as Moriguchi is not there to say goodbye. She is there for her revenge.  A few years ago, her five year old daughter was killed. And she knows who did it. It was two of her students.

The class has just won a contest to promote a certian milk brand, and they are all enjoying their milkdrinks in the room. Moriguchi informs the calss that she has injected a small doze of blood from her dead boyfriend, in two of the students milkdrinks. Sadly, her boyfriend passed away from aids. And now the HIV virus may be in the milk they’re drinking from. She tells them to go do a test, but that the incubation time still can be around five to ten years.

This is how the movie starts, and also the start of a chain reaction of confessions from the students, tieing the story together very well. The movie follows a solid pattern of crazy twists, violent surprises and everything in between.      It’s pretty much impossible to guess what’s going to happen next. This is a very pure, cold and calculating way of a mothers revenge that will probably run as a chill down your spine, once or twice after watching.