Jul 9 2012

Information leaking apps on appleappstore.

by admin

Only a couple of hours after release of the russian iphone app ”Find and Call”, it was removed from appstore.

The reason is that the security company Kaspersky Lab discovered that the app copied the user’s address book and sent it back to the creator of the app server.

By using the information in users’ address books would cause maker send spam to all contacts with the download link to the app. Only hours after the Kaspersky Lab issued a warning, Apple removed the app.

The app has also released a version for Android at Google Play, even Google acted quickly and removed it from its app store.

Mar 1 2012

Serious vulnerabilities in IOS

by Zylr

You notice nothing – but your photos can be downloaded by others

Did you know that IOS has a security hole that allows developers full access to contacts, pictures, calendar entries and much more? Very few know about the Iphone and Iphone are vulnerable, but Apple has an eye and is planning an update soon.
A few weeks ago, including Web site 9to5Mac about a vulnerability in IOS made ​​it possible for developers to download images from users’ phones – without their noticing. Soon the New York Times dig into the data and made its own investigation and then published.

By using an anonymous developer for IOS, they managed to create an application that was apparently harmless, but in the background could download personal information from the device as the app ran on. Everything was sent to a specially designed server.

Apple quickly gained knowledge of security hole and is currently working on an update of the IOS that clog it. At the moment there is no way to protect themselves, in addition to not install any apps at all – and how fun is that?

There is no information about the security hole used by the apps on the App Store, or if it’s only stores for jailbreakade units affected.

Feb 3 2011

Iphone ring-tone

by Zylr

How to make your own ring-tone for your iphone.

1) upload your wanted ring-tone to http://audiko.net/
2) edit it and make it as you want
3) download the new converted file
4) drag and drop it in itunes under “Ring-tones”

have fun!

Jan 11 2011

VLC removed from Appstore

by Zylr

Yesterday they removed VLC from appstore.
Denis-Courmont one of the original creators of VLC wanted Apple to remove VLC from appstore, cuz of copyright violations.
One of the specualtions is that GNU General Public License v2 (GPLv2) isnt kompatible to Appstore.
And another specualtion is that Denis-Courmont now works for Nokia – and they are “in war” with Apple.

Anyways… Its a sad day for appstore.